Monday, May 28, 2012

Just updated with a few additions.  Tweaked the distance to the airports to show in Nautical Miles. Also, cool feature- display Magnetic Bearing to airport.  Takes into account magnetic deviation.  However we've noticed that Google phones don't quite match to FAA defined mag deviation.  For example, here in the Dallas area it's a difference between the two of about 2.5 degrees.  Remember - your phone/tablet is not a certified navigation device but with VFR you should get pointed in the right direction easily!

Please share with your friends.  With this being a free app,and nominal revenue from ads, it's a labor of love. Downloads are our manna.  Tell folks about it and we can see the download count go up and our smiles go up too!

Fly Safe!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Updates for the faithful!

Updated the FAA database used by the application. Again, we keep the database on your device so you don't have to turn on your device radios to benefit from AFD.  All it needs is GPS.

Some folks have wisely asked - "Why can't I just press an update button and get the updated FAA database".  Great idea!  The reality is this is a free app and we just don't generate enough revenue to pay for a cloud service to host these and provide them.  We will keep this in the hopper of good ideas in case we can find a way to make it happen.

Another frequent question is "Why can't I search for an airport".  That's easier to solve.  We're evaluating this as part of a paid version of AFD.

Hope you get value from AFD and please shoot us a note with any suggestions or stories you have while using AFD!

Enjoy the skies!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Updates and Questions

Added ATIS per popular request and updated the underlying FAA database.

Many folks request the ability to SEARCH for airports.  Considering adding this.  Wondering - would you pay for that?  The revenue from the app is not significant with an ad-based model.

How much would you pay?


What else would you want to see in the app to justify paying something for it?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free version released - no more beta!

We've released an unrestricted free version of AFD.  This includes the ability to click on an airport and get runway, frequency and wx freq/phone info.

Our ability to keep the database current will depend on YOU!  Please click on banner ads that interest you to drive revenue to this application.  Depending on feedback (revenue and input from you) enhancements will continue.   We're also evaluating a paid version without the ads and the ability to search for airports and other suggestions.


Thursday, August 26, 2010


You've found this site most likely because you found our application in the Android Marketplace,  called ADF - Airport Facility.

Just so you know, the application uses:
  FAA database of airports and towers
 Currently limited to Airports, that are considered Open
  Only US airports

It's meant to work on your GPS enabled phone without the cell radio turned on.  Airplane mode should leave your GPS available and if you activate it, this application will check every 20 miles and update the local airports within 30 miles of your location.

This is currently targeted at the small plane pilot and lots of updates planned..

It's in beta mode which means it's testing and really needs your input.  Please shoot us an email with your thoughts at:

Happy Flying!